June 5th Fuel Altered Nationals Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona Fuel Altered Nationals
After spending the previous week rebuilding the motor, we were ready to make a comeback from the race in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unfortunatly, with back to back races we were short of time putting the car together.  It took an all nighter on Friday that turned into an all Saturday morning to put the car back together   We finally had the car together by 12:00P.M.  With no time to spare we loaded up and headed for Tuscon.  Dad said on the way that the car probably only had three passes before it would be tore up again.  Apparently with the time we had he was not able to properly repair a damaged crank and we had to work with what we had.  As soon as we started the car in the pits for warm up oil began to spill from the oil filter. We immediately shut off the car to see what the problem was.  As a result of the mad thrash to put the car together the oil filter had been installed crooked and was cross threaded. We had worked to long and too hard to let one small problem like this keep us from running at one of our favorite races of the year. Tom (crew member) was determined to fix the oil filter and run at this race no matter what it took. We started the car again and the oil filter came off completely and oil was rapidly pouring out of where the oil filter had been. We turned off the car and once again Tom made some adjustments and put the oil filter back on, and we started the car and there was absolutely no oil spilling, we were thrilled. Tom had saved our butts.
First pass: well we did and awesome burn out, and that’s about it. The car shut off right after the burnout and had to be towed off of the track. We hadn’t realized that the fuel pump mount had broke the weekend before in the violent tire shake in Albuquerque. Ron Maroney saved us and gave us a fuel pump clam so that we could fix the mount.  Thanks Ron
The Second warm up In the pits was spectacular, the car was perfect and we had no problems whatsoever! We had a good feeling about our next pass. On our second pass we ran a 7.68. The motor was running great but we didn’t have enough clutch in the car, which is why we didn’t run as good of a pass as we had hoped for.  That was the end of the evening for us.
Tuscon has the best fans and even though we didn’t run as well as we wanted to we still had a great time.  We are looking forward to some down time so that we can fix many of the issue that we have with the car.
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